Lake Ridge British Sterling

"Sterling" is a 17 year black and white Gypsy Vanner Horse  Triple Registered with the Gypsy Vanner Society, Gypsy Horse
Registry and Gypsy Cob and Drum Society.    He is
HOMOZYGOUS  for the black and the pinto gene!!   Meaning you will get
pinto coloring even if your mare is solid color!      Sterling  is  15.1 hands

We ship frozen semen all over the US to a few select approved mares. Check out his gorgeous  cross foals from Arabians to
Shires.   We love working with Sterling , he is extremely gentle to handle with breeding mares .   Incredible disposition that
is a trait of a Gypsy Horse!!!!   Sterling is featured  in another Horse Calendar for 2015,He is on the cover .   His feathering and
mane is growing like wild fire and is becoming beautiful , thick and down to his hoofs.   Sterling  at his last Dressage Show  he
won his 4th level class!
Imported from Kent England 2004  
2020-2021 BREEDING FEES       
Gypsy mares         $2900   All other mares   $2000
Frozen semen  shipped    email a photo of your mare for approval
and ask for a contract
Villa Louis Carriage Classic  Sept 05
Paul Robideau driving

British Sterling at his first American Society
Carriage Driving Show.   
He definitely wowed
the crowd!  They could not  believe he is a 3
year old stallion   
His movement and manners is
incredible and he passes it on to
his offspring
Lake Ridge British Sterling:  7 year old pictures He is amazing!
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gypsy dressage
gypsy vanner stallion
Sarah Travis Dressage
Trainer of Delano, Mn
riding Sterling  age 6
Gypsy Vanner British Sterling
will be the  featured in the Gypsy
Vanner  Horse Farm  along with
Lake Ridge Gypsy Horses in the
November issue of Equine Journal
GCDHA Society.    He was also inspected and received the highest honor as 1st premium Gypsy Stallion in
Conformation and also Riding.   Middle picture UK judges Michael Vine, Tom Price and rider  Shelley Falk
gypsy horse heavy feather
gypsy horse freestyle
vines gypsy horses
gypsie horse
Gypsy Vanner Horses Gypsy Vanner Horses
british sterling
gypsy vanner horses
Gypsy Vanner Stallion British Sterling
gypsy vanner for sale
British Sterling  turns 8.  He sure has grown up! Here are some
new photos of him.  He was chosen by Gypsy Horse Journal to
represent the Gypsy in dressage.  Watch for the new magazine
June of 2010
gypsy horse for sale
gypsy vanner
gypsy horse
gypsy vanner
gypsy horses

Wildfire is a 8 year old Gypsy Vanner Buckskin Stallion.   Imported from   England.  Wild Fire is
15.0 hands and growing.  His DNA is:  nT- Ee -AA -nCr   he is homozygous for the Agouti gene
Wild Fire is broke to ride and drive!   He handles like a dream and high stepping action.
His stud fee is $2000.  He has produced beautiful buckskins just like himself , palominos and tri
2015he will have 3 more foals coming    
WILDFIRE IS NOW SOLD    contact me for pictures of
his beautiful foals he has produced.    
gypsy vanner stallion
gypsy vanners
Lake Ridge Wild Fire
Gypsy Stallion Lake Ridge British Sterling winning the high point at the GCDHA 2008 National Show
heavy feather gypsy
Here is a beautiful Gypsy Horse named Smores sired by British Sterling and out of Shannon
Rose.  Smores was donated in 2009 to the
Trinity Therapeutic Equestrian Center to be used as a therapy horse. Smores is quite a charmer and loved by the
children.  Our son Buddy Robideau with Downs Syndrome has benefited tremendously by
therapeutic equine riding.  Buddy  loves to have rides on  British Sterling.  He always says   
"Sterling is the Best!"

gypsy horse
Lake Ridge British Sterling   Gypsy Stallion
Gypsy Stallion British Sterling
western dressage
gypsy cobs
Randy Byers Riding British Sterling
at the 2011 MN Horse Expo

Western Dressage Trainer and
Clinician. From Yelm Washington
gypsy horses
buckskin gypsy
gypsy horses
gypsy horses for sale
Becky Johnson  
Wild Fire as a 3 year old
British Sterling featured on Equine Elite products!
We love their Silky Shine and Shield
gypsy vanner horses
gypsy vanner buckskin stallion
Wild Fire as a 5 year old