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    Beautiful  Gypsy Vanner mares, stallions, fillies and colts for sale    
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    There will be 2 foals to choice from for 2016

Gypsy Vanner Horses for sale
Up Coming 2016 Foals

1. Lovely (Lake Ridge Gypsy Love) Bred to British Sterling    Due July

2. Trolley (Lake Ridge Lady Vines) Bred to British Sterling   Due July

3. Promise of Hope a beautiful CHOCOLATE PALOMINO mare bred to Wildfire  due 7-15-2015   
Beautiful SILVER BAY COLT  available born   7-11 - 2015    18K  super fancy and so friendly Beautiful Deep Red Bay with
silver white mane and tail.  Yearling Colt
gypsy vanner mare
Lake Ridge Trinket
Trinket  is a 2012 bay tri colored
filly out of the beautiful 2012
calendar mare Lady Vines and by
Wild Fire. Trinket has fantastic
conformation, sweet and fun
temperment and that baby doll
head.  She will have loads of
feather . Well marked. Her mother
Lady Vines  is on the 2012 Gypsy
Vanner Calendar      A very flashy
show girl   1   

Lady Vines  is for sale!  30K she is
being bred to British Sterling for
2016 foal
gypsy vanners for sale
Lake Ridge Gigi
Lake Ridge Zarena beautiful daughter
by British Sterling and out of Gypsy
Love.  Sabrina is a beautiful mare we
named after our daughter Sabrina.   
Gigi is sired by Wild Fire. She is
growing up to have nice bone, lots of
feather and should mature around
14.2-14.3.   Super sweet to handle . Gigi
is in the cutest foal contest for Equine
Journal Magazine
gypsy tinker horse
Lake Ridge Zoro
Zoro is a beautiful black and white foal sired by
British Sterling and out of Gypsy Love. He was
born on March 31, 2011.
Beautiful conformation   ,great color, he is so
black with contrasting black,white,black,white,
mane.     He has very thick white feathering  and a
sweet baby doll head.   He is a full brother to
Zarena above. Currently a  sweet mannered
stallion  sold as a stallion or gelding  $15,000 or
best offer
SAME CROSS AVAILABLE 7-16 Black and white
filly   Zorro and  Zena are SOLD now.
gypsy vanners for sale
Lake Ridge La Fonda beautiful black and
white mare.  Great broodmare and green broke
Lake Ridge Fire Light
Buck is a beautiful Buckskin  colt born in May 2014 out of Lake Ridge Lady Vines
who is sired by The Producer.   Fire Lights sire is Lake Ridge Wild Fire.  Great
conformation with a beautiful rainbow neck.  Super hip and shoulder.  He has black
and white mane , forelock and tail.  Fancy buckskin color to boot. Very pretty head
and big loving eyes.  Feathering and mane are coming in thick.  
QUALITY!    or a very sweet natured gelding
LADY VINES                                                                             WILD FIRE
image of gypsy vanner mare
Lake Ridge Gypsy Horses
images of  gypsy vanners
images of gypsy vanners
gypsy stallion buckskin
Lake Ridge Sterlings Legacy

Gypsy Princess foaled a beautiful Black and white 2014 colt
sired by the famous Lake Ridge British Sterling. He has
the prettiest face and  conformation that would do well in
the show ring.   Double mane that is super thick! He will
be a big heavy boned boy!   Movement that floats like his
sire who showed through 4th level dressage.  Video to be
posted soon. He has a very curious nature and struts
around the ranch like he is king.
SOLD to Isabella Gypsys .  Same Cross available for
spring 2015  now SOLD
 GYPSY vanners for sale
sire of Champions!
Lake Ridge Wildfire
6 year old proven buckskin Gypsy Stallion.   
Wildfire was imported from England.   He is green
broke to ride and drive.   He has sired a high
percentage of creme colored foals from palominos
to buckskins.   He carries  a double agouti gene so
even your red based horses will carry agouti.  He is
the sire of Firelight, and Gigi on this page. Wildfire
sires flashy colts and fillies with fancy patterns and
sweet dispositions.  He is easy to handle for
breeding as a stallion.   Wildfire can be housed with
other  geldings or colts.   He is currently housed
with his best bud Zorro.  I also use him to put the
weaned colts with.  He is a great babysitter.
20K or best offer   
gypsy vanner stallion
gypsy stallion buckskin
gypsy stallion buckskin
gypsy horses
Lake Ridge Zena
Zena  was born  4-18-2014    she is a full sister to Zorro and
Zarena.   Beautifuly marked, sweet head, conformation
balanced.  She is a true beauty!   She is out of Gypsy Love
and sired by British Sterling.  Zena loves attention like her
sister Zarena the trick horse.  She carries a red gene.
15K or best offer   
SOLD  same cross available for 2016 for
sale inutero
gypsy filly for sale
gypsy cob filly
gypsy vanner filly
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